Free auto blog samurai software

Auto blog samurai software


Samurai Solitare

Samurai Solitare 1.0

Samurai is always an embodiment of courage wisdom and patience With glaring sword serious and self-confident he is standing guard of rules and norms of a true warrior But the way of the ideal warrior is not so easy as it may seem and Samurais ... [...]
Blog Auto Machine

Blog Auto Machine 1.0

Automated blog and ping software br br Finally A Desktop Tool That Automates br The Entire Blog Ping Process br And Gets Your Web Pages Crawled Indexed and Even Ranked in Less Than One Week br br br Blog Auto Machine automatically crawls your website ... [...]
Sword of the Samurai

Sword of the Samurai 1.0

Samurai were the warrior class of Japan The samurai protected their Daimyo from attacks by other fuedal warlords The sword was the weapon of choice for a samurai They were trained in the martial art of ken-jutsu The Warrior Art of the Sword and were ... [...]
Hercules Webcam Blog

Hercules Webcam Blog WHQL

Unique and exclusive Hercules software delivers everything you need to make an impact with your blogs and much more There is noting like it on the market today br Impressive Photo and Video Specs br o Photo capture up to Mega pixels in interpolated mode ... [...]
Atomos Samurai Recorder

Atomos Samurai Recorder 4.2

Changes br - Major upgrade to the audio level meters br - All channels analog and digital have precision meters on the audio page br - Peak and average levels with digital clipping indicator and VU ballistics br - Accurate - to dB dBFS shown ... [...]
Ronin Solitaire

Ronin Solitaire 1.0

Not far from a holy Fuji Mountain in a small Japanese village lives ex-samurai who is sorry for his offensive and careless behavior and who wants to be employed by a new master Although it was sometimes considered to be necessary for the life experience ... [...]
Magic Blog

Magic Blog 1.00

Magic Blog a simple yet sophisticated blog is the world's easiest to use blog software There is no need to register or login or even submit Magic Blog uses cutting edge Ajax technology to automatically submit posts and they appear immediately Instant Gratification How many ... [...]
AtomOS Samurai Blade Recorder

AtomOS Samurai Blade Recorder 5.11

Fixes br - Pulldown re-locks when camera cadence changes frame order to avoid interlace artifacts br - Fixed issue with pulldown where a black line would appear on the right hand side of the video br br Other Changes br - Quicktime vendor field changed ... [...]
Hercules Blog Webcam Cam driver

Hercules Blog Webcam Cam driver

Installation procedure br br - Download the new drivers and Webcam Station Evolution for your Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass Webcam br br Create a folder for all your Hercules downloads right-click the Windows desktop then point to New Folder br br Name the folder Hercules ... [...]
Blog In A Box Pro

Blog In A Box Pro 4.0

ANYONE Can Create Their Own Blog Quickly AND Successfully Make A Profit Even If They Have NO IDEA What A Blog Actually Is What's In The Kit You don't buy a car based on what the salesperson is feeding you and you shouldn't buy anything ... [...]
Blog Planter

Blog Planter 1.0.11

An easy to use blog submitter used to help distribute your blogs to the available directories This software is effective for blog promotion as you'll start seeing an increase in your link popularity within a few days of using it As soon as you get ... [...]
Blog Navigator

Blog Navigator 1.2

Blog Navigator is a program designed to make it easy for users who enjoy reading blogs short for 'web logs' to read and organize them Blog Navigator works by reading RSS feeds and displaying them in a clean easy to understand way It includes a ... [...]
Blog - Poster

Blog - Poster 1.70317-1447

The postblog script makes use of Blosxom a free Perl script which reads text files and displays them as weblogs The shortcoming of Blosxom is that there is no intrinsic way to post new blogs to a web server via a browser That's where this ... [...]
American Techpushers Blog Monkey

American Techpushers Blog Monkey 1.0

A simple Blog or News-page management program designed for everyone else on the planet It is a program that can give anyone the power of the blog without the need for administration expertise in SQL databases or any understanding of PHP programming - or even ... [...]
Blog Blaster

Blog Blaster 1.51

Blog Blaster is an automated tool to ping and submit your blogs to over blog search engines with just one click Customize the list of sites to ping by adding your own Import hundreds of blogs from a text file to make setup a breeze ... [...]
LG DVD-ROM On-line Auto F/W Update

LG DVD-ROM On-line Auto F/W Update v4.0

P This is the program that you can update the ODD F W automatically in the internet br ... [...]
Akti Blog

Akti Blog 1.5.80

Akti Blog will create your personal blog or web diary in seconds No professional skills blog services or databases are needed to post your blogs With one click you can publish your blogs on the net For privacy you can place blogs on your own ... [...]
ApPHP MicroBlog Personal PHP Web Blog

ApPHP MicroBlog Personal PHP Web Blog 2.3.1

ApPHP MicroBlog ApPHP MicroB is very simple and powerful PHP blog software This product enables you to start your own blog within minutes You can easy add and manage your posts and posting categories This script is perfect for web designers and developers that want ... [...]
Realtek Auto Installition V649

Realtek Auto Installition V649

Auto installation program support WinXP Win SE WinME Win K WinXP ver Submission ID br br ... [...]
G-Lock Blog Finder

G-Lock Blog Finder

G-Lock Blog Finder searches for blog posts that rank in Google for a particular phrase and makes it easy to comment on them br br Blog Finder is blog commenting software that provides you with a great way to get backlinks for your sites without ... [...]

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